p5snap is a command-line interface that creates and saves snapshots of a p5 sketch.



with npm:

npm -g install p5snap


to start p5snap, provide a relative file path and the number of images that should be saved


for example:

p5snap ./mySketch.js -n 20

will create:
• mySketch_0.png
• mySketch_1.png
• mySketch_2.png
• ...
• mySketch_19.png

as a module

you can bring p5snap into your existing node.js build tools by importing the snap module.

for example:

const path = require('path')
const snap = require('p5snap/modules/snap.js')

  sketch_path: path.resolve(__dirname, './mySketch.js'),
  output_path: path.resolve(__dirname),
  width: 1920,
  height: 1080,
  instance: false,
  filename: 'mySketch',

instance mode

if your sketch is written as a p5 instance, you can use the --instance flag to execute p5snap in instance mode

instance mode does not require new p5()


p5snap currently only saves a single <canvas/> context. If your p5 drawing uses or draws DOM elements, it will not be included in the image.


Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome.
Feel free to check issues page if you want to contribute.


Copyright © 2020 Zach Krall.
This project is MIT licensed.