Zach Krall

Mentors Program

School of Visual Arts presents “Mentors,” an exhibition of work by BFA Photography students inspired by their mentorships with key figures in the New York arts community. Drawn from the ranks of the city’s best-known photographers, curators, art directors, publishers, art dealers, critics and writers, the mentors are paired with students based on their field of expertise and the student’s area of concentration.

Established in 1992, the Mentors program at SVA is designed to cultivate relationships between established and emerging artists and to introduce new talent to the New York arts community. Stephen Frailey, chair of BFA Photography and curator of the exhibition, explains, “The Mentors project fulfills our commitment to the students that, in addition to encouraging the development of each of their sensibilities, they are informed and engaged in the professional community. Working with the mentors gives them objective and professional insight into their work and helps to make their transition as artists after graduation a bit less daunting.”

BFA Photography students at SVA immerse themselves in all aspects of commercial and fine art photography, gaining a better understanding of various genres, ideas and vocabularies. With access to cutting-edge facilities—as well as a 100-plus faculty of photographers, museum directors, critics, art directors, photo editors and photography collectors—they are able to hone their craft and cultivate their own sensibility and visual style.

SVA Chelsea Gallery
601 W 26th St
New York, NY 10001
March 21 – April 4, 2015
Curated by
Stephen Frailey
Alexis Adam, AJ Addario, Yasaman Alipour, Karina Antigua, Danna Barak, Jake Begin, Svetlana Blasucci, Theo Bochanis, Alon Borten, Hanna Bradbury, Alec Jesse Charlip, Raymond Colon, Jaclyn Corrado, Dana Davenport, Taleen Dersdepanian, Jessica Donnellan, Danielle E. Faulkner, Elizabeth Fennelly, Johanna Galvis, Manuela Garcia, Melissa Gaudet, Fernando Pereira Gomes, Keren Greenberg, Mary Ann Guglietta, Delores Harshaw, Ruben Henriquez, Anna Hickey, Mars Hobrecker, Logan Jackson, Leah James, Carlos Jaramillo, Grace Jeon, Zach Krall, Francesca Lafferty, Emily Rose Larsen, Ken Lavey, Jungyun Lee, Emily Arny Long, Daniel Lopera, Shaun Lucas, Gabrielle Meit, Daniela Mekler, Emma Milligan, Maria Nikolis, Kaitlyn Nissen, True O'Neill, Erica Ochsenreither, Luis Padilla, Chloe Park, Andres Pelaez, Ebba Alica Pero, Britta Rankl, Tina Rivosecchi, Samantha San Roman, Jae Eun Seok, Cassandra Srager, Marilena Stavrakidi, Derek Joseph Stearns, Latham Sullivan, Elise Swain, Keyana Tahmaseb, Jordan Taormina, Melissa Taub, Sara Teevan, India Treat, Xizi Wang, William Warasila, Andrew Wheeler, Hunter White, Josh Wilson, Sora Woo, Yitian Yan, Jen Zambrano, Zhe Zhu